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Burger & Sushi spacious modern contemporary design suitable parties big and small. You can either reserve a section or book out the restaurant for a private event. With ample parking space and located close the heart of KL City - it will be of greatest convenience for you and your guests. If you have an event that you'd like to take place, we'd be more than happy to serve you; we have large party offerings, or you can drop us a call if you'd like a custom menu to be created for your gathering!


Take me away

Having a house-party or potluck coming up? In addition to our standard menu items, our sushi platters are here to impress. Yummy delights for the family and friends. Be creative and customize your platter today with the variety of sushi rolls, salads, sashimis, mini makis, signature rolls! Drop us a call for further details.



Not only for private gatherings, Burger & Sushi offers a space for professional corporate events  and catering services here in our eatery. 

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